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Some employee evaluation survey questions include asking what the employee needs to perform her job better and how she feels about her past work. Some manager evaluation questions include how employees feel about the manager, how the manager feels about her team and what the manager needs from the c


An effective business or customer feedback survey lets a business owner know about client engagement and level of satisfaction. Questions can cover general attitudes towards the company or focus on specific issues, such as wait times on telephone help lines.


A career survey assesses a person's interests, skills and personal qualities, and it matches those with a career or cluster of related careers. The purpose of this survey is to help individuals, often those preparing for college, to find a career that is suited to their personalities.


An employee survey is a method to gain feedback from employees on job satisfaction, engagement, morale and overall performance. The survey asks specific questions in each area to gauge the general feeling in the workplace with the purpose of making changes to improve the work environment.


The average cost of property or land surveying is between $300 and $700, with a low cost of $200, and a high cost of $1,000, as of 2015. Surveyors determine their fees based on variables that include the size of the property and how difficult the property is to access.


Tips for composing a list of survey questions include identifying the purpose of the survey, focusing on a specific subject or concept, keeping the questions simple and direct, and offering clear examples to illustrate points when necessary. The questions should also feature a small number of option


Quantity surveying is a highly specialized field that focuses primarily on managing the costs and budgets of projects for the construction industry. Maintaining efficiency and profitability are two of the major goals of a quantity surveyor.


Some questions that are found on the Smart and Final survey include the date of the shopping trip as well as the store at which the purchase was completed. To further narrow down the individual interaction being reviewed during the survey, the questions also ask for the cashier's name and the transa


The Tops Friendly Markets Shopper Survey as of 2015 asks customers questions about their shopping habits, participation in reward programs and basic personal information, which it uses to evaluate its customer demographics. The amount of questions varies based on the survey taker's answers.


Typical health care survey questions include whether individuals have a favorite hospital, whether a hospital has modern diagnosis and treatment equipment, and how satisfied individuals are with the hospital staff's competency and skills, according to QuestionPro. Other typical questions ask the num