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Some good anniversary gifts by year include paper for the first anniversary, crystal for the 15th, rubies for the 40th and diamonds for the 60th. A list of traditional and modern anniversary gifts by year were organized by librarians at the Chicago Public Library. Many ...


Ideas for gifts for a third anniversary include leather items, such as luggage, wallets or billfolds, purses, attaché cases, leather-bound books or shoes. Crystal items, such as goblets, vases and figurines, are also good choices, as well as jewelry items made of pearl...


Traditional gifts for those celebrating their ninth wedding anniversary are pottery items or objects made from willow, while modern gifts include items made of leather. Lapis lazuli is the recommended gemstone for the ninth anniversary.


Modern anniversary gifts by year include clocks for the first anniversary, china for the second, diamond jewelry for the 10th and platinum for the 20th. Silver remains steadfast as a 25th anniversary gift, as does ruby for a 40th anniversary.


Gifts for a 10-year anniversary traditionally comprise of items made from tin or aluminum, while modern anniversary gifts ideas include diamond jewelry and accessories, as of 2015. Sites like The Nest and About.com offer lists of 10th-anniversary gift ideas for both men...


Some good ideas for 25th anniversary gifts include a silver photo frame, a silver key ring or silver jewelry, according to About.com. The 25th anniversary is associated with silver, and it's suggested that gifts be made of the material.


There are several good anniversary gifts for husbands, including a personalized love story centered around the couple's relationship as well as a bucket list with unique ideas of ways in which couples can spend quality time together while trying something new, daring or...