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10 things you need to know about biometrics technology. From using facial detection to target adverts to spotting an online fraudster, the art of identification is getting ever more sophisticated ...


10 facts about technology use in the emerging world. By Jacob Poushter. The Pew Research Center surveyed thousands of people across 32 emerging and developing nations about their technology use and how the rising influence of the internet affects their daily lives. But beyond the larger findings, we found some notable data points about specific ...


Technology has made an incredible advancement over the past 20 years, and the future of technology to some may seem unsettling, while to others it may be exciting. Here we’re going to look at 100 interesting facts about old-school technology, as well as present and futuristic tech.


10 things that make technology look positive. by Ashvini on October 11, 2012 · 4 comments. in My Personal Thoughts. Technology will keep advancing and people will have to catchup. That has been the reality from time immemorial. Technology causes loss of jobs, migrations of workforce and hardship including many others.


From floating lamps to alien tech, these are the 10 interesting facts about technology. Music Used: http://www.myownmusic.de/Synchronic_Beat/play/?songid=363541


Have you ever heard about Google glass? Yup, the high-teach eyewear will be explained on Facts about Google Glass. It becomes the most interesting wearable technology in the world. There are many advantages from this technology. Google …, get directions to…


Spread the loveTechnology has been taunted as the solution to poverty, especially the generational one. It offers several opportunities to end poverty, but in some areas, it may also increase poverty. Here are ten things to know about poverty and technology. Technology brings the required tools to enhance value One way to increase earnings is to improve the value of the services supplied.


10 Things Get the key facts on a wide range of technologies, techniques, strategies, and skills with the help of these concise, need-to-know lists.


Facebook thing isn't ture #19. #17 is a huge over estimate (more like 15 billion by 2015). #18 is off. 1 in about 6 marriages last year started from online but considering 50% of people never get divorced it seems very unlikely the 1 in 8 number is correct. Someone above already noted the Bill Gates thing is right. 10 Minutes effort.


Why Is Technology a Good Thing? Technology has many benefits, such as improved productivity, efficient communication, facilitation of e-commerce and promotes research and development. In addition, technology encourages global socialization through social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter.