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The Egyptians might use special cloths to wrap bodies in. 3.Remove all internal organs and place the in canopic jars. 4.Let the internal organs dry 1.Wash his body with palm wine and rinse it. Mummification By: David Silva 6. Wash the body after 40 days then cover it with oil.


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Mummification shortened into five steps would be the following.Remove and dry, and jar the internal organs, rinse the body inwine, dry it with salt, wrap the body and place in the sarcophagus ...


Mummification Step by Step. Ancient Egyptians believed in an afterlife when someone died. Mummification helped someone reach the afterlife as they thought that, in order to have an afterlife, the dead person would have to repossess his or her body. Egyptians believed that the only way to do this was if the body was recognisable.

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THE MUMMIFICATION PROCESS Go to the 7 Steps . . . THE 7 STEPS TO MUMMIFYING A BODY Step 1: The Announcement of Death Step 2: Embalming the Body ... How long was the mummification process? A 70 Days B 50 Days C 25 Days D 15 Days. 15 14 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 £1 Million £500,000 £250,000 £125,000 £64,000 £32,000 £16,000


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Best Answer: Mummification Steps - Announcement of Death - Embalming the Body - Removal of Brain - Removal of Internal Organs - Drying Out Process - Wrapping of the Body - Final Procession


A Look at These Mummification Steps Will Make Your Skin Crawl Of the various facets of the fascinating history of ancient Egypt, the creation of mummies is by far the most interesting. As you go through this information on the steps of mummification, you will get a rough idea about the process involved.


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Facts about Ancient Egypt Mummies 9: the god of mummification. The god of mummification was Anubis. The head of this god was jackal, while the body was human. The main job of Anubis was to assist the dead body so that it could be received by Osiris. Get facts about ancient Egypt gods here. Facts about Ancient Egypt Mummies 10: Canopic Jars