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Since there is not a universal method of staying motivated to lose weight, it's important for people to consider why they feel compelled to slim down. Some possible reasons may be to get ready for a special event, to be healthier and to be a good example for relatives.


There are all kinds of ways to stay motivated to lose weight, but not all are effective for everyone. Some proven methods include working out with friends, setting realistic goals, using role models and buying clothing that fits the body you desire to have. Keep in mind...


Some ideas for a weight loss contest include awarding prizes and planning and hosting themed weeks, such as a week where everyone brings a healthy lunch to share, or a week where groups of competitors take walks together or share diet videos. Additionally, participants ...


Someone who wants to motivate themselves to lose weight should set realistic diet goals, according to WebMD. People who set small goals are more likely to achieve them than those who aim for rapid weight loss.


According to Women’s Health Magazine, a study comparing the Paleolithic, vegan, Mediterranean and DASH diets found the Paleolithic diet to be the best for losing weight. By contrast, WebMD suggests that increasing the amount of calories burned and reducing intake is the...


According to the American Psychological Association, weight loss support groups were first organized to help dieters stick to their plans and meet their goals by offering peer support. These groups use scientifically proven behavior modification programs to help members...


WebMD defines juicing for weight loss as a dieting method in which a person consumes only fruit and vegetable juice for nutrition while abstaining from other food. The documentary "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead" is many people's inspiration for trying this dieting method.