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Fierce Snake, also known as the Small Scaled Snake and Indian Taipan, is native to Australia and is regarded as the most venomous snake in the world . It is dark tan, ranging from a rich, dark hue to a brownish olive-green, depending on season. It has the most toxic venom of any land snake in the world.


If you are a long time reader of Listverse you will remember that we have previously had two lists on snakes: 10 lesser known venomous snakes and 10 unusual and amazing snakes.Surprisingly, we have not published a list of the most venomous snakes – and so, today, we fill that void with the following list.


Some snakes are dangerous because of the speed or ferocity of their attacks, others because of how common and widespread they are, and still others because their toxins are so deadly. Here is a list of the most dangerous snakes in the world


The Black Mamba isn’t the largest venomous snake, but in terms of speed, it’s on top of the list of the top 10 most venomous snakes in the world. If you think you can outrun this snake, think again – it can reach speeds of 20 km per hour. This is the fastest land snake on the planet.


*Field & Stream* ranks the 10 most venomous snakes in the world. Snakes are highly effective predators, and some species that rely on venom for hunting and self-defense can deliver a bite toxic ...


Top 10 most venomous snakes in the world. Every year more than 30,000 people in the world die from venomous snake bites. Some of the deadliest slithering reptiles are right here on this list. 1. Taipan snake. Taipan snakes are a dangerous reptile species from Australia, whose bite could end a man's life in no more than 45 minutes.


Top 10 Most Dangerous Snakes in the World. by Ultimate Topics March 25, 2019 May 12, 2019. written by Ultimate Topics March 25, 2019 May 12, 2019 91 views. Snake is one of the most dangerous reptiles on the surface of the earth. There is nothing cute about them. They are fast; they are dangerous; they are venomous.


Number 10: The Saw-Scaled Viper.These venomous vipers can be found in the dry regions of Africa, the Middle East and India. Saw-Scaled Vipers are responsible for causing the most snakebite cases and deaths in the world.


Ever wondered what the most venomous snakes in the world are? Some of the most dangerous bites in the animal kingdom come from snakes. Although not all snakes are venomous, the ones that are have the potential to inflict a death sentence within 30 minutes.