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Dying for a tattoo but don't want to feel like you're dying through the process? Then you need to avoid these 10 most painful places to get a tattoo or girls!


If you ask 10 different tattooed persons about where do tattoos hurt the most, you might end up getting 10 different answers. In fact, it is hard to make a universal list of most painful places to get a tattoo. The real answer to most painful tattoo spots lies in which body part is most sensitive to you?


The 10 most painful places to get a tattoo. Share. Tweet. Share. What's This? By Chloe Bryan 2015-08-02 23:05:46 UTC. No one gets a tattoo without expecting a little pain. But there's a difference ...


It's a well known fact that getting a tattoo hurts. For the most part, all of these places listed below are extremely painful and you should definitely be aware of that before you go in to get these areas inked.


The ribcage is widely thought to be the #1 most painful place to get a tattoo for these reasons and due to the presence of so many nerve endings. Getting a rib tattoo can be so painful for some that even the toughest guys turn into blubbering babies. If you really want to get a tattoo in this part of your body, brace yourself for some serious pain.


Here are the most painful places you can get tattooed. ... This is why most tattoo artists advise newbies against trying to get a tattoo on their spine or shoulders. And, much like with chest tattoos, it can take time to heal. Since it’s hard to keep lotion on these areas, they’re also more prone to infections. ...


Avoid the most painful sites and you can truly get a beautiful and well placed tattoo that doesn't hurt too much if you are careful and know where the least painful places are located. 12 Least Painful Places for Tattoos. Here are some places you can have a tattoo where will be not as painful as in other places. 1. The Finger


The 10 most painful places to get a tattoo. Want a tattoo with minimal pain? Here are the body parts to avoid when getting a tattoo < a lot of the tattoos I want are in painful places haha. Tattoo Chart Body Art Tattoos Tatoos Cool Tattoos Unique Tattoos Amazing Tattoos Tattoo Drawings Painful Tattoo Areas Most Painful Tattoo Spots.


Looking to get a painless tattoo? Okay, no tattoo is TOTALLY painless- but these 10 locations come pretty darn close! Check out this awesome list of the 10 least painful places to get a tattoo for girls!


A tattoo is a lifetime commitment, and while memories of pain may fade by comparison, there’s no shame in wanting to spare one’s self any unnecessary duress. From start to completion, a tattoo is an experience to savor, rather than endure. With that said, go ahead and explore the top 15 most painful places to get a tattoo below.