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As of 2014, the largest shark ever captured was a whale shark, measuring 12.6 metres and weighing an estimated 15.5 tons. It was captured in 1949 off the coast of Baba Island near Pakistan.


As of 2014, the largest great white shark ever caught weighed 2,664 lbs. This shark was pulled from South Australian waters in 1959 by fisherman Alf Dean.


There are numerous discrepancies over the size of the largest great white ever caught, but the Canadian Shark Research Center claims that the largest, accurately measured great white shark was caught in 1988 off Prince Edward Island and was a length of 20 feet. Other re...


The largest species of shark is the whale shark, which averages about 40,000 pounds in weight and between 18 and 32 feet in length. The largest such shark ever recorded weighed approximately 47,000 pounds and measured almost 42 feet long.


As of 2014, the largest alligator ever caught was 15 feet long and weighed 1,011.5 pounds. The alligator was caught in August 2014 by Mandy Stokes and her family in a river near Camden, Ala. The previous record for largest alligator caught was set in 2007 with a 880-pou...


As of May 1, 2014, the largest catfish ever caught was a 646-pound catfish caught in the Mekong River in Northern Thailand. The fish was approximately 9 feet long and the size of a grizzly bear.


The largest lobster on record was an American lobster (homarus americanus) caught off the coast of Nova Scotia, Canada on Feb., 11, 1977. The lobster weighed in at 20.14 kilograms, measured approximately 1 meter in length and was estimated to be 100 years old.