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Jaipur is one of the largest cities in India. India has the second highest population among the countries of the world, with more than 1.2 billion inhabitants. As of 2011, the country had 27 cities with populations exceeding one million. These cities comprise about 43% of the country’s urban ...


Top 10 Largest Cities in India by Population [Latest Figures and Numbers] 1. Mumbai, Maharashtra. Mumbai is the most populous city of India. It is the financial capital of India as well as political capital of Maharashtra. Mumbai’s total population is 12,478,447 as per the 2011 census. Mumbai is the world’s 5th largest city by population.


Top 10 Largest Cities In India. January 9, 2019 Alina Jack Destination, India. India is a land of many diversity. Being the second most populated country of the world, it is obvious that the cities have to be quite large to accommodate such a growing population. The country has more than 27 cities, which have more than a million resident, as of ...


The following tables are the list of cities in India by population. Often cities are bifurcated into multiple regions (municipalities) which results in creation of cities within cities which may figure in the list. The entire work of this article is based on Census of India, 2011, conducted by the Office of the Registrar General and Census ...


These are the 10 largest cities in India by area. Being the prime centre of education, trade, tourism, technology and culture most of these cities are also ranked in top 10 developed, richest, and most populous cities in India in 2019. Some of them are classified as Megacity while others are classified as metropolis.


2 Delhi. Delhi ranked the second among the top 10 largest cities in India metropolis and the national capital with a population of 18,686,902 as reported in 2016. The widely spoken languages in Delhi include Urdu, Hindi and Punjabi.


Largest cities in India. The largest cities in India, ranked by population. The total population of India is 1,347,720,000 as of 27-May-19 , which represents 17.50% of global population and ranks India # 2 worldwide.


Map shows the Top Ten Cities in India based on GDP. Top 10 most developed cities of India includes Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata,Bangalore, etc.


There are scarcity of jobs in villages and small cities so to get a job they usually shift to cities and hence these cities become overcrowded. Knowing the statistics of top 10 most populated cities of India in 2019 is vital for development point of view and you can get this detail here:


India covers an area of 1,269,219 square miles (3,287,263 sq km) and is divided into 28 different states and seven union territories.Some of the capitals of these states and territories are the largest cities in both India and the world. The following is a list of the top 20 largest metropolitan areas in India, as of the country's 2011 census.