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Gorillas are the closest relatives of humans and are equally understanding as the other monkeys. The female gorillas are found to love her child equally as all other female counterparts do and these often live in the wild keep on searching for the food and vegetation available if any. Fun Facts about Gorillas. Top 10 Amazing Fun Facts about ...


Here are some of the most exciting gorilla facts for kids including real insights about the gorillas diet, habitat, reproduction, and behavior. Gorillas are the largest primates that belong to the genus eponymous. These mammals are primarily herbivorous and are known to spend all their time on grounds all throughout central Africa and other tropical forests.


18 Interesting and Fun Facts About Gorillas With Pictures. Gorillas come from the kingdom of Animalia, from the class of Primate, family of Hominidae, subfamily of Homininae, the Tribe of Gorillini and the Genus of Gorilla. For centuries gorillas had a lot of myth that surrender them but after some research some facts were discovered.


Ten fun facts about Gorillas. Fact 1 Gorillas walk by putting weight on their knuckles and arms which are longer than their legs. They also walk upright like humans. Fact 2 A male gorilla weighs around 600 lbs and the female weights about 200-300 lbs. Their brains weigh only twenty ounces.


Interesting Facts about Gorilla Habitat. 15) Wild gorillas are only found in a few countries in sub-Saharan Africa. Western Gorillas live on the western side of the Congo River, while Eastern Gorillas inhabit the volcanic mountains ...


Gorillas are large apes that are native to Africa. They are typically divided into two groups. The mountain gorilla lives in the mountainous regions of central Africa, while the lowland gorilla ...


Amazing Facts About the Gorilla. African apes (gorillas, chimpanzees and bonobos) diverged from a common ancestor about 5 million years ago and belong to the family Hominidae. Gorillas are one of our closest living relatives, after chimpanzees and bonobos. They share between 95% and 99% of our DNA!


Gorillas can reach over 50 years of age in captivity. A western gorilla in Columbus Zoo named Colo is the oldest living gorilla at 59 years of age—after being rejected at birth by her mother, she was raised by zookeepers like a human child, feeding from a bottle and even wearing clothes.


Gorillas hold a special place in the human imagination, perhaps because 98 percent of our DNA is identical. From their close-knit families to their sense of humor, gorillas have a lot more in common with us than just their DNA.


Click here for more animal facts Gorillas are the largest living Primate. Humans are also primates. Gorillas are very smart and have been taught to use tools in captivity. They communicate using gestures, body postures, sounds, and by slapping their chests. Some gorillas living in captivity have even been taught sign language. Gorillas are shy […]