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Your digestive system is responsible for breaking down the foods you eat so that you can absorb vital nutrients. Food is broken down mechanically — through chewing, for example, and through the use of enzymes — into the form of molecules that can be absorbed by and moved through your blood.


Fun facts about the digestive system. 1. The average person produces 2 pints of saliva every day. That is 32 ounces, or 2 cans of soda. 2. The muscles in your esophagus act like a giant wave.


The digestive system is a kind of processing plant inside the body. It takes in food and pushes it through organs and structures where the processing happens. The fuels and nutrients we need are extracted, and the digestive system discards the rest. Read on for 10 important facts about the digestive system. 1.


The digestive system has two main functions: to convert food into nutrients your body needs, and to rid the body of waste. To do its job, the system requires the cooperation of a number of ...


The human digestive tract seamlessly adapts to any of the wide variety of foods that people eat. It has evolved to break down foods into their component nutrients and excrete waste efficiently. With many different organs playing a role in digestion, the humble digestive tract is actually a complex system.


The digestive system plays an important role in how human bodies function. Here are fifteen fun facts about the digestive system. The average human being has over 400 different species of bacteria in their colon; It takes approximately seven seconds for food to travel through the esophagus and reach the stomach


The human digestive system is a lot “smarter” than you might think. In many ways the digestive system functions as a mini brain, commanding a handful of organs to break down that breakfast ...


Here are 10 facts about your digestive system that may surprise you. 1. Digestion Is Important for Your Health. While you know that food is important for sustenance, you may not know that digestion is the process that turns food into energy and nutrients. ... The Basic Facts About Digestive Health. READ ARTICLE. The Role of Gut Flora. READ ARTICLE.


2. We make 1 to 3 pints of saliva a day. 3. Muscles contract in waves to move the food down the oesophagus. This means that food would get to a person's stomach, even if they were standing on their head


However, it also clears waste and filters out toxins. It’s an indispensable part of your body, so why not learn more about it? Here are 25 Fun Facts About The Human Digestive System You Probably Didn’t Know.