Dec 21, 2010 ... Reindeer are prominent in our holiday music and images. ... Here are 12 fascinating facts you can use to impress your friends and family:.

Dec 23, 2014 ... You know Dasher and Prancer and Donner and Blitzen… But do you recall these festive facts about reindeer? 1. Reindeer or caribou?

Dec 25, 2017 ... Here are the 10 dinner table-worthy facts about the all-important reindeer that Santa fully relies on each year at this time.

Sep 28, 2016 ... Reindeer, or caribou, are members of the deer family. ... Facts About Reindeer ... These herds can include from 10 animals to a few hundred, ...

In fact, reindeer can be found in Northern Asia, Europe, Siberia, Alaska, Canada and ... In all reindeer subspecies males are 10% to 50% heavier than females.

Dec 25, 2017 ... In other cultures, however, reindeer are a way of life. Here are some little-known, odd, and even disgusting facts about reindeer.

Click here for more animal facts ... Reindeer live in the Northern parts of North America including Canada and ... A fawn is usually 10-11 pounds when born.

11 Reindeer Facts to Share This Winter. BY Jill Harness .... 10. Reindeer played an important role in the survival of many cultures. In Scandinavia and Canada, ...

Dec 23, 2013 ... Here are ten weird and wonderful facts about Rudolph and his kin. Merry Christmas! (A note on naming: We use 'reindeer' here, but they're ...

Find out more about Reindeer, including where do they live? What do they eat? Lots of fun facts from Folly Farm Adventure Park and Zoo!