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Popular rap music videos include "California Love," "My Name Is" and "All of the Lights." 2Pac released "California Love" in 1995, Eminem released "My Name Is" in 1999 and Kanye West released "All of the Lights" in 2010.


Although some scholars suggest that the roots of rap music are in the tribal instrumental chants dating back thousands of years, most agree that it did not fully emerge as a music genre until the 1970s. It was created in direct response to disco.


Rap music often glorifies criminal and irresponsible behavior through negative images and messages. Such music sometimes has a significant negative impact on young, growing minds as evidenced by the number of incarcerated youths who listen to rap. According to RapRehab.com, young minds are heavily i


Although opinion as to whether rap music has a bad influence on children is broadly divided, many believe the genre's focus on street crime, violence and sexist portrayals of women to be negative overall. It has also been suggested that references to drug abuse, including alcohol and tobacco, increa


According to the most recent Recording Industry Association of America 10-year consumer poll (from 1998-2008), 10.7 percent of Americans bought at least one album or recording of rap music in 2008. This makes it the second most popular genre of music in that year (behind rock).


Well, sort of. They made a music video. Well, sort of. They made a music video. BuzzFeed Staff Watch them in action HERE.


Need a good cry? Here are 10 of the saddest rap songs in hip-hop history. Find out which tunes by which artists made the list. Music wields a strong connection to emotions. There's no doubt that it can be therapeutic in stressful situations. Certain songs set our moods or activate specific memories


Uh, what exactly are these guys saying anyway? See the 10 most hilariously bizarre rap lyrics ever, courtesy of the likes of Flo Rida, Riff Raff, and more. Ethan Miller/Getty Images Rappers love to remind us that they're just like us. They do this for two reasons: 1) They want to seem relatable; 2)


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Hip-hop music from 1973–1984 is generally termed "old-school hip-hop," with "new school" being 1984 onward. [4] On July 18, 2017, hip-hop officially surpassed rock and roll as the most consumed music in America. [5] Hip-hop music and culture are deeply steeped in African American racial identity.