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Some facts about the American bald eagle are that it's the national bird, the symbol of the United States and almost became extinct. This was due to hunting and the use of DDT.


The biggest differences between golden eagles and bald eagles are the bald eagle's white head, tail and rump. The golden eagle is golden-bronze all over. These eagles are easily mistaken for each other as juveniles, but when they are mature, the differences between them are apparent.


The largest bald eagle nest ever found weighed more than 4,400 pounds and was 20 feet deep and 9 1/2 feet in diameter. The nest was built from collected feathers, grass, sticks, moss and other organic matter. Although the St. Petersburg, Florida nest is the largest on record, a Vermillion, Ohio nest


The bald eagle is on the Pennsylvania eagle camera that streams live from Codorus State Park in Pennsylvania. The camera provides high-definition streaming video and has received over 1.6 million hits online, as of 2015.


Kids can find information about harpy eagles at KidsSanDiegoZoo.org, EnchantedLearning.com and BirdsFlight.com, as of 2015. The harpy eagle is one of the largest birds of prey. It is a swift and agile hunter that lives in rain forests ranging from southern Mexico to northern Argentina. Some of its p


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An eagle's nest is called an eyrie. Eagles normally build eyries high up on cliffs or in tall trees. The inaccessibility of the eyrie protects the small cl An eagle's nest is called an eyrie. Eagles normally build eyries high up on cliffs or in tall trees. The inaccessibility of the eyrie protects t


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