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Facts about Deserts 9: the animals. Most animals which live in the deserts are nocturnal. During the days, they stay on shade. When the night comes, they begin hunting. Facts about Deserts 10: the trade routes. The caravans of camels in the past were used to carry ivory, gold, salt and other goods on the desert.


Deserts are renowned for being dry, extremely hot and often remote. As such, most people imagine them to be dull, boring and dangerous places. Granted, deserts can be extremely dangerous. However, they aren’t dull and boring at all. In fact, deserts can be extremely fascinating. Here is a selection of the 40 most interesting facts about the ...


The deserts of the world receive more sunlight energy in six hours than humans use in a year. They cover one-third of the land on Earth and about one-fifth of the entire globe where rainfall is generally 10 inches or fewer per year with variations, but each year, global warming and its effects add 46,000 square miles of desert each year.


Best Answer: 10 facts about Deserts: 1. Deserts cover more than one fifth of the Earth's land. 2. Deserts receive less than 10 inches of rain per year. 3. Deserts can reach high temperatures up to 120°F. 4. Much of Antarctica is desert. There are cold deserts too. 5. The Sahara Desert is larger than the 48 ...


Interesting Desert Biome Facts: Although the daytime temperatures of the desert biome are very hot, they can get very cold at night. The Sahara Desert is the largest desert in the desert biome. It covers over 300 million square miles. The vegetation does not grow very tall so the desert biome can only accommodate small animals, rodents, and ...


Facts about Desert Biome 9: the location of cold deserts. Cold deserts can be found mainly in Central Asia. You can also spot it on Southern Andes and eastern side of Rocky Mountains. Facts about Desert Biome 10: the largest cold desert. The largest cold desert in the world is located in Antarctica.


Let’s go with 10 facts about Kalahari Desert to Southern part of Africa which is well known with its giant sand savannah, Kalahari Desert. This is the place where wild animals, predators, and rare plants grow. With its extreme weather and temperature, Kalahari is not the place for living.


20 Things You Didn't Know About... Deserts One has been around for 40 million years, one is running into a wall, and one may soon power much of Europe.


Check out our fun desert facts for kids and enjoy learning a variety of interesting information about the Sahara Desert, the Gobi Desert, the Kalahari Desert, the Atacama Desert, the Arabian Desert and more. Learn about the largest deserts on Earth, plants and animals that live in deserts, what ...


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