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The Dead Sea – Below you will find ten interesting facts and along its uniqueness, the following interesting facts about the Dead Sea.. 1. Have a name that is so scary. Dead Sea name comes from the Hebrew ‘Yam ha Maved’ meaning ‘Sea Killer’, whereas the Arabic name is ‘Bahr Mayyit’ which means ‘Dead Sea’ as well.


The Dead Sea, also known as the Salt Sea, is a salt lake bordering Jordan to the east and Israel and the West Bank to the west. It’s a hypersaline lake that is truly one of Earth’s unique places. Below you will find ten interesting facts along with a gallery of picture of this fascinating place. All information below via Wikipedia, enjoy!


Facts about Dead Sea talk about the salt lake which shares the border with Palestine to the west and Jordan to the east. Some people also call it as The Sea of Death. The depth of Dead Sea is measured at 997 feet or 304 m below the sea elevation.


10 Interesting Facts about the Dead Sea. Also known as the lowest place on Earth, the Dead Sea is full of surprises.It is nearly ten times as salty as the ocean, making it one of the saltiest water bodies in the world.


10 most important facts about the Dead Sea alona 3door August 28, 2016 It is regarded as one of the leading tourist attractions in Israel and indeed the whole world, but it’s not just tourists who flock to the Dead Sea.


Interesting Dead Sea Facts 6-10. 6. The salinity of Dead Sea is way more than that of normal sea. According to scientists, this water body is 9.6 times saltier than oceans and contains very high concentration of sodium chloride along with other minerals. 7. Because of its extreme salinity, no life form can thrive in this water.


10 Dead Sea Facts To Remember For This Travel Tuesday. Brian Vinh Tien Trinh The Huffington Post Canada. Elan Fleisher via Getty Images. The Dead Sea may sound like something out of a "Pirates of ...


One of the unique findings in the world is explained on Facts about Dead Sea Scrolls. In the years of 1947 until 1956, Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered on 11 caves located along Dead Sea. Therefore, the scrolls are called Dead Sea Scrolls. Due to the importance of Dead Sea Scrolls, they receive the status as the greatest manuscript discovery.


20 Facts About The Dead Sea. 1. The Dead Sea traces back over 3 million years. 2. The Dead Sea isn’t a sea at all - it’s actually a hypersaline lake. 3. With a depth of more than 1,200 ft. deep, the Dead Sea is the deepest hypersaline lake on Earth. 4.


9 Deep Facts About the Dead Sea. BY Miriam Porter. February 16, 2016 ... The Dead Sea is eight times saltier than the oceans and has the highest concentration of salt of any body of water in the ...