10 facts about bottlenose dolphins. Where do bottlenose dolphins live? How do they breathe? What do they eat? Find out all about this marine mammal here!


Well we've prepared the ULTIMATE guide to bottlenose dolphin fun facts. In fact, our ... called 'pods'. Each pod is consists of about 10-15 bottlenose dolphins.


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Get up close with the highly intelligent common bottlenose dolphin. ... Size: 10 to 14 feet. Weight: 1,100 pounds. Size relative to a 6-ft man: IUCN Red List Status: ...


Thought to be some of the smartest animals on Earth, bottlenose dolphins send messages to one another in many different ways. ... Size: 10 to 14 feet ... Learn more amazing facts about these amazing creatures with National Geographic Kids.


Fast Facts. Description: Bottlenose dolphins are light to dark gray over their ... Male: become sexually mature at about 10 to 13 years and 2.4 to 2.6 m (8 to 8.5 ft ).


Oct 1, 2013 ... Bottlenose Dolphins are the best known species of dolphins. They are popular ... 10. Bottlenose dolphins can swim 5 to 12 kilometers per hour.


Feb 15, 2017 ... More information: http://www.dolphins-world.com/bottlenose-dolphin/ Nature and biodiversity: http://www.bioexpedition.com/ These dolphins ...


Bottlenose dolphins have a lifespan of about 40 to 50 years. Females typically live 5-10 years longer than males, with some females exceeding 60 years.


Aug 24, 2014 ... Learn more dolphin facts at Animal Fact Guide! ... Very social animals, bottlenose dolphins generally swim in groups (called pods) of 10-25.