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Moreover, the white rhinos have closer relation with the Javan rhinos from Indonesia. Get facts about Black Panther here. Facts about Black Rhinos 10: the differences. The differences of black rhinos and white rhinos can be seen not only from the body size, but also from the skull and ears.


5 Fascinating Facts About the Black Rhino. We also know this species as the ‘hook-lipped rhino’ from the prehensile upper lip with which it grips the woody plant stems on which it feeds. The white rhino, by contrast, has a square mouth, which it uses for grazing. Scientists have identified eight distinct regional subspecies of black rhino ...


1) There are 5 species of rhinos, 3 of which are critically endangered White, Black, Indian, Javan, and Sumatran make up the five species of rhino in the world. White and black rhinoceros are native to Africa, while Indian, Javan and Sumatran can be found in India and Asia. Due to widespread poaching, all rhinos are under threat, but the black rhino, Javan rhino and Sumatran rhino are ...


Black rhinos boast two horns, the foremost more prominent than the other. Rhino horns grow as much as three inches a year, and have been known to grow up to five feet long.


Javan and Indian rhinos have one horn, where as the white, black and Sumatran rhinos have two. 3) These incredible creatures are some of the biggest animals in world! The largest of the five species is the white rhino, which can grow to 1.8m tall and and weigh a massive 2,500kg – that’s the weight of 30 men!


Amazing Facts About the Black Rhinoceros. Black Rhinos, also known as Hook-lipped Rhinos are actually grey in colour. Three sub-species are found throughout eastern and southern Africa, although distribution is not what it used to be. The population, which declined by 96% between 1970 and 1992, is critically endangered and at risk from illegal ...


Fun facts about rhinos. Rhinoceros is a Greek word. ‘Rhino’ means ‘nose’ and ‘ceros’ means ‘horn’. Black rhinos have a ‘prehensile’, meaning hooked, lip for pulling leaves off branches.


10 facts about rhinos. There are 5 species (types) of rhinoceros. Rhinoceros live up to 40 years old. Rhinoceros are herbivores so they only eat grass and no meat. Rhinos grow to be 6 feet tall and 11 feet long. The skin of rhinoceros is really thick. Rhinoceros’ horns are made of keratin, which also makes your fingernails and hair.


Black rhino facts for kids, students and adults. Find out about this critically endangered African rhinoceros, including its habitat, diet, related animals and why it is threatened.. Be sure to watch the incredible video of a black rhino chasing a pack of African wild dogs away from a water hole!