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Astronomy is a field of science that studies the nature and motions of celestial bodies. This includes studying objects such as stars, planets and entire galaxies.


The pursuit and study of astronomy as a science can be difficult at times, but the degree of difficulty is subjective to different individuals. Advancing through astronomical studies leads to questions and problems of greater difficulty.


Careers in astronomy include researcher, professor or group leader in a university astronomy department or government agency. Astronomers sometimes work in related areas, including other fields of research, business, public relations and education. Most professional astronomers are university facult


People have practiced the science of astronomy since ancient times and the discipline has no formal inventor. Knowledge of astronomy stretches back prior to recorded history, as evidenced by such ruins as henge circles, sky disks, moon calendars and sun dials.


Astronomy is a branch of science that studies objects outside the atmosphere of Earth, and the motions and nature of these objects. According to the e-Science Portal for New England Librarians, the two main branches of astronomy are optical and non-optical.


Heavenly bodies in astronomy are natural bodies visible in the sky. These are also known as celestial bodies. These bodies do not include man-made objects, such as satellites. Examples of heavenly or celestial bodies include planets, stars, dwarf planets and quasars.


Radio telescopes are important in astronomy because optical telescopes can only observe objects that emit or reflect light. As light comprises only a narrow range of the electromagnetic spectrum, radio telescopes have played a vital role in obtaining knowledge of the universe.


The celestial meridian in astronomy is the half-circle that connects the zenith with the astronomical north and south poles, explains Swinburne University. It is a part of the celestial sphere.


As of 2015, some online math and astronomy games for children include "Astronomy Hangman" and "Pumpkin Multiples." Along with "Astronomy Hangman," KidsAstronomy.com offers additional astronomy games to play for free online, including a sliding puzzle, memory game and crossword puzzle.


Laser pointers are used by astronomers to point to notable locations in the sky. They are popular tools for public stargazing with groups because they can easily direct the attention of the whole group to a particular constellation or celestial object. Laser pointers are also used as finders, tools