A simple sentence has only one independent clause, such as "George ate grapes." An independent clause always contains a subject, which is a noun or pronoun, and a verb. More »

In third grade math, a number sentence is used to introduce simple mathematical statements to children. Number sentences can also include a less than or greater than sign in addition to other symbols. More »

An example of a simple compound sentence is "John wanted to get a hamburger, but Jane wanted to eat at home." Another example is "She smiled at the baby, and he held out his arms for her." A compound sentence is a senten... More »

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An example of using both "been" and "being" in a sentence is: "I have been to Paris five times, and I am being considered for the position of ambassador." "Being" is the present participle of the verb "be," while "been" ... More »

One example of a sentence using "implacable" is, "She had an implacable anger toward her ex-husband." Implacable is an adjective, and gets its origins in Middle English. It is derived from the Latin "implacabilis" and is... More »

A example of a sentence that uses the word diminish is, "He has done nothing to diminish the achievements of his colleagues." Diminish most commonly means to make or cause something to seem smaller or less important, to ... More »

One example of convection used in a sentence is: A closed stove cooks by convection naturally, whereas at a high temperature, it sends out heat. This sentence uses the word to refer to convection as the process of cookin... More »