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Because weather is often unpredictable and directly affects the conditions following it, 10-day weather forecasts may or may not be accurate. Short-range forecast predictions, defined as those up to 48 or 72 hours from the present, are generally much more accurate than those of longer periods.


To get the 10-day weather forecast for Chicago, go to weather.com, timeanddate.com or accuweather.com. On the home page of weather.com, enter "Chicago" in the search box, and on the AccuWeather page, enter "Chicago" in the box marked Accuweather For. On timeanddate.com, scroll down to Weather, and t


Many meteorologists agree that there is little accuracy in weather forecasts that extend beyond seven days, so 30-day weather forecasts are not considered accurate. Oftentimes, a forecast extending beyond seven days is no more accurate than historical averages.


Twenty day weather forecasts are generally unreliable because weather has a tendency of being chaotic and unpredictable. According to Time and Date, the longer the weather forecast is, the less accurate it will be.


The Weather Channel provides a 10-day weather forecast for Seattle, as well as many other locations. Other websites, including Intellicast.com and Weather-Forecast.com, offer 10-day weather forecasts as well.


In 2013, meteorology students at Penn State University conducted a study of the accuracy of extended weather forecasts for fifteen American cities, reports the Washington Post. The results of the study indicate significant discrepancies between 15-day forecasts and actual temperatures. This would ce


Pregnancy is a commonly known reason for a late period, but it isn’t the only reason why a woman’s period might be 10 days late, according to WebMD. Other reasons for a late period include stress, severe changes in weight, medication changes, schedule changes or travel, hormone disorders, eating dis


You cannot learn English, or any language, to a fluent level in only 10 calendar days. However, if you space 10 days, or 240 hours, of study and practice over a longer period of time, you could achieve a higher level of proficiency.


The fastest way to lose weight is to eat fewer calories than are burned each day and by increasing exercise. Reducing sodium and starch intake helps reduce fluid retention, which can cause up to five pounds of water weight loss at the start of a new diet.


There is no healthy way to lose 10 pounds in a day. If a proper diet and exercise routine is not followed, the weight will come back quickly, states Mark Rouselle, PhD.