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This trick might be for more advanced dogs and takes some extra patience, as it’s one of the tougher tricks. As the video shows, you have to be diligent in waiting for your dog to bark by ...


Before teaching your dog any of these fun tricks, it is mighty important that you learn the pace at which your dog learns a new trick. Every dog learns a trick at a different pace so what might be an easy trick for a Lab to learn might not the same for a Chihuahua.


Training a dog to kiss is one of the easiest tricks to teach. While not everyone enjoys a big, wet doggie smooch, this dog trick usually goes over very well with kids. By putting a little treat on your cheek and adding the command, you'll soon be able to get all the affection you want from your dog on demand!


Contributed by Paul Seaburn, Catalogs.com Top 10 Guru You can teach an old dog new tricks and a new dog old tricks. You can even teach a hound dog to cry all the time. All it takes is time, treats, patience and some cool tricks to teach your dog.


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For this list we’re looking at tricks that any dog lover and owner can teach his or her canine companion. Some of the tricks featured are definitely advanced, but are still achievable with time, patience, and lots of practice!


Instead, here are four super easy but also super cool tricks you can teach your dog this weekend. Wave Goodbye. Want to really impress your guests? Teach your pup how to wave goodbye! Who doesn’t love an adorable dog waving goodbye to them when they leave? To start, you’ll need a clicker and a handful of treats.


Does your dog perform any cool tricks that aren’t on this list?. I honestly can’t imagine many more dog tricks that could have possibly been left of this list!. This list of 101 dog tricks originally appeared in the Seattle Times (03.10.05).