Water pollution is caused by chemical and industrial waste, agricultural waste, trash, mining activities, waste and sewage water, accidental oil leakage, marine dumping and energy use. Many kinds of human activities caus... More »

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration divides the causes of water pollution into two categories: point source pollution and non-point source pollution. Point source pollution comes from a single, identifiab... More »

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Water pollution causes immense damage to marine life and the death of numerous land animals. It kills more than a million mammals and seabirds every year and has caused around 400 dead zones worldwide. More »

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Water pollution can occur via several mechanisms, but the most common causes are dumping industrial waste and sewage into bodies of water, along with the use of toxic substances in agriculture that runs off into rivers. ... More »

"Be the solution to water pollution," "Cause a commotion to save our ocean," "Keep the trash in politics — not in our oceans," "Think blue and go green" and "Stop pollution quick, don't make the water sick" are a few exa... More »

Proper disposal of trash in the home and the community is one way to reduce water pollution. Trash, pet waste and other debris littering streets may eventually flow into lakes and rivers via gutters and storm drains. More »

People can stop water pollution by throwing litter into proper trash bins, helping clean up garbage in rivers and lakes and on beaches, not throwing litter down the drain and using eco-friendly cleaning liquids. Moreover... More »