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Top 10 Rare Animals in China. by Peter Wang · There are many animals in the vast land of China. Some endangered species are so rare that you may have never heard of them. Or you may have heard of some but did not know them well. Below is a list of the rarest animals in China. #1. Giant Panda


Here is a list of 10 animals native to China. Some of them are considered endangered species, some of them are domesticated and some can be seen only in wild, and if you are lucky enough. Pandas – One of the most famous symbols of China, as well as a symbol of wildlife conservation and international diplomacy, is the Giant Panda.


China's big cat species include the tiger, leopard, snow leopard and clouded leopard. The tiger is one of the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac, and figures prominently in Chinese culture and history. Tiger bones are used in traditional Chinese medicine and tiger fur is used for decoration. The animal is vulnerable to poaching and habitat loss ...


Advertisement There are many different and unusual animals found in the vast lands of China. You may or may not have heard about them and there are some endangered species that you may not even know existed. So here is a list of the top 10 Chinese animals. Chinese Animals 1. GIANT PANDA One of […]


Top 10 Chinese Animals There are many different and unusual animals found in the vast lands of China. You may or may not have heard about them and there are some endangered species that you may ...


More and more animals in China have been classified as endangered species because of effects of natural disasters and human activities. Most of the endangered species can be found only at reserves ...


Swellow Animal species found in the People's Republic of China (China, PRC), the Republic of China (Taiwan, ROC), Tibet, and Mongolia. The Top Ten 1 Giant Panda The giant panda, also known as panda bear or simply panda, is a bear native to south central China.


The Baidu 10 Mythical Creatures (simplified Chinese: 百度十大神兽; traditional Chinese: 百度十大神獸; pinyin: bǎidù shí dà shénshòu), alternatively Ten Baidu Deities, was initially a humorous hoax from the interactive encyclopedia Baidu Baike which became a popular and widespread Internet meme in the China in early 2009.. These hoaxes, ten in number, are regarded by western ...


In Japan alone 30 to 40 people a year are killed by giant hornet stings. That makes them Japan’s deadliest animal by a long way. In China the story is similar with over 40 deaths in Shaanxi province in just three months. The official line here is if you get stung 10 or more times, seek medical help.


Formal Name: Budorcas taxicolor The Takin is an endemic animal of China. It is one of the rarest and most endangered animals in the world. The Shanghai Zoological Park began to raise the Golden Takin in the 70s' and succeded in breeding the first young Takin in 1983.