The price of 10-karat gold is available on and Both sites are regularly updated to display the most recent price of 10-karat gold per ounce. More »

Find the current price per gram for gold in U.S dollars at, or The last option also provides the price in other currencies. More » Business & Finance Currency & Conversions

The price of 14 karat gold is determined by the total amount of actual gold content, without including any other metals used to make the gold alloy. The price is calculated using the troy ounce and not a standard ounce s... More »

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As of 2015, many gold charts list the price of gold per ounce in U.S. dollars and indicate the span of time the charts cover with marks for hours, days, weeks or years. Many charts also have a spot price, the current pri... More »

The websites of Monex Precious Metals, BullionVault and Gold Price show the live spot price of gold per ounce. On Sept. 16, 2015, the price of one ounce of gold closed at $1,120. More »

Several factors affect the price of gold, including the current valuation of currency and the strength of the economy, as explained by Scottsdale Bullion and Coin. The principle of supply and demand also influences the p... More »

To get an accurate value appraisal of a 1978 South African gold Krugerrand, as of 2015, a person needs only to look up the current spot price of gold and multiply this by the size of the coin. Websites such as More »