Police radio 10-codes are numeric communication signals used by law enforcement and government agencies to help reduce confusion during two-way voice radio communication, according to eInvestigator.com. Private citizens ... More »

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Most people have heard the popular police 10-4 code, which means the responder got the message and understands it, according to RadioLabs. One of the more known codes is 10-20, which asks for a location. When an officer ... More »

Frequency code databases generally come with software that automatically installs the desired frequency codes into the police scanner. Users can either purchase the software and follow the instructions to load the freque... More »

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Speed cameras are located on posts near the sides of roads that law enforcement agencies have identified as important for monitoring, notes Siouxland News. They are positioned to serve as a deterrent by their very presen... More »

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The purpose of the police in the government is to protect and serve and to deliver criminals into the hands of the law. Police are responsible for catching criminals who threaten the livelihood, property and peace of oth... More »

People can find a copy of a police officer's oath of office on the websites of local law enforcement agencies. It may also be included in the state constitution. Oaths of office vary by police department. More »

It is possible to listen to police radio frequencies for free using the Broadcastify service. This website also allows users to listen to fire, EMS, railroad and aircraft frequencies. It is also possible to download a mo... More »

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