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Amazing Facts About the Elephant. Elephants are smart, social and incredibly strong creatures. An Elephants trunk is so powerful and precise that it can carry calves and also be used for more delicate acts like picking flowers! As the largest land mammal, the Elephant also has the longest pregnancy at 22 months! New-born calves weigh around ...


10 Fun Facts About African Elephants. Posted June 16, 2011 by Zoo & filed under In the News. Are you getting excited about Expedition Tanzania? We sure are! The Zoo’s new 7 acre expansion is well underway and is on target to open to the public in Spring 2012. In the mean time, here are 10 fun facts about African elephants to keep you busy.


10 Very Interesting Facts about Elephants. Elephants are a part of our life, ethos and traditions. They are related with various religious beliefs round the world. They are also seen as a sign of wisdom and unselfishness.They are the third most brainy animals in the world.


Top 10 Very Interesting Facts about Elephants. Elephants are a fraction of our life, culture and habits. They are associated by means of various religious beliefs around the world.They are also see as a symbol of understanding and altruism. They are the third mainly intelligent animals in the earth.


Facts about African elephants 10: Infrasonic Sounds Amazingly, many elephant calls are too low (15 hertz) for human hearing ability (20 hertz). These infrasonic sounds are capable of traveling long distances, and most occur in the early morning or evening hours, when ground air is cool enough to carry the frequency without interference.


10 interesting facts about elephant senses and social behaviour: Elephants have small eyes and poor eyesight, but they make up for this with their amazing sense of smell – the best in the whole animal kingdom! An elephant can smell water from up to 12 miles away. Elephants communicate with one another using sound, touch and scent.


10 Extraordinary Facts About Elephant Trunks By. Melissa Breyer. Editorial Director. ... Walruses Are Weird! 5 Cool Facts About These Unique Marine Mammals. 13 of the Ugliest Animals on the Planet.


Following are just 10 facts that are sure to get your students excited to learn more and read more about elephants. You can use this information in units or lessons on elephants, or fun classroom activities around elephants. Fun Fact 1 Elephants are the largest mammals, and largest land animals, in the world.


Get more facts about the interesting Asian elephants by reading the following post below: Facts about Asian Elephants 1: E. maximus. The conservation of Asian elephants is very important today. IUCN has listed E. Maximus as an endangered species since 1986. The population of these animals has reduced significantly for more than 50 percent.


15 Fun and Interesting Elephant Facts for Kids. Spread the love. When a child finds a new interest, it’s always fun to be able to explore it with them, and present them with the tools to dig deeper and learn more. If you know a kid who has expressed an interest in elephants, or animals in general, you’ll find this page very helpful! We’ve ...