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When something is silver plated, it is covered in a thin layer of silver. Most often, silver plating relates to jewelry, but other items can also be covered in silver.


Make a buffalo chicken salad for a healthy, filling weeknight meal. Marinate tenderized chicken in buffalo sauce, and then broil it while making blue cheese dressing. Chop lettuce, carrots, celery and scallion together for the base. Toss the salad and dressing. Then, layer the chicken over the top t


Earth's tectonic plates float on a layer beneath them called the asthenosphere. The asthenosphere forms the base of the tectonic plates, which contain many different layers. This layer forms from a buildup of dense rock created from semi-solid materials, and it comprises a layer of Earth's mantle.


A personal license plate, or vanity plate, is a plate bought at a premium and customized to individual taste; it comprises seven letters and/or numbers with the optional addition of either a hyphen or a space. Motorcycle personal license plates contain only five characters, rather than the standard


A steel plate with a thickness of three-sixteenths of an inch weighs 7.65 pounds per square foot. Steel plate sheets with this thickness typically measure 10 feet wide by 40 feet long and weigh 3,060 pounds, or 1.53 short tons.


A typical beef pot roast dinner consists of beef roast, onions, carrots and potatoes. This type of beef pot roast dinner contains 318 calories for a 6-ounce serving or 423 calories for an 8-ounce serving, according to the Cattlemen's Beef Board and National Cattlemen's Beef Association.


Over time, silver has a tendency to tarnish due to oxidation. To restore silver plates to their original sparkling glory, this unsightly layer of oxidation can be removed through a fairly simple process that doesn't involve scrubbing or polishing. All that is needed is a chemical polishing "dip," wh


No meal is complete without a dozen or two of these delectable dinner rolls. They're so tasty, you'll want to munch on them straight from the oven! Home Recipe Collections These are the best dinner rolls around. If you can’t decide which enticing topping to use, just make them all.—Christina Pittman


Shop for better homes & gardens square dinner plates, white, set of 6 from Better Homes & Gardens. WALMART Set your table in style when you use these Better Homes and Gardens Square Dinner Plates. With a modern white design, they are a simple yet elegant way to serve food. The plates are durable eno


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