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Katrina re-intensified into a hurricane on Aug. 26, and became a Category Five storm on Aug. 28, with winds blowing at about 175 mph (280 kph). The storm turned north toward the Louisiana coast.


10 years after Hurricane Katrina overran New Orleans, the city is still recovering from a disaster that was as much human-caused as natural. Katrina, which formed on August 23, 2005, and hit the ...


Hurricane Katrina, the most costly natural disaster in the history of the United States, made landfall 10 years ago in the Southeast. In the two weeks after the cyclone struck the Gulf coast near Buras, Louisiana, the morning of August 29, 2005, the National Guard answered with more than 50,000 men and women – the largest domestic ...


Hurricane Katrina: 10 Years Later As of 7/30/2015. This year marks the 10th anniversary since the devastating 2005 Atlantic Hurricane Season. One after the other, Hurricanes Katrina, Rita and Wilma dealt a forceful blow to the U.S. Gulf Coast. Through a decade of partnerships, progress continues to be made to build better, more resilient ...


2 a.m.: Hurricane Katrina turns north toward the Louisiana coast, but the storm's strongest winds have diminished slightly to about 155 miles an hour (250 kilometers an hour). The center of the ...


Dec 29, 2013 - The following hurricane Katrina facts below will inform you much about the reality of this disaster. Hurricane Katrina has been one of the deadliest disasters experienced by most people in America and


A stranded motorist along the I-10 near Oak Harbor in Slidell tries to get to high ground after Hurricane Katrina passed through the area with 25 feet storm surge flooding the major east/west ...


I was in Katrina. She was a b***h. People were killed. People were stupid and didn't prepare for the worst hurricane yet. There was a lot of looting, and killing. Do a search and see for yourself. New Orleans wasn't the only state affected by it, Mississippi was hit hard also!


While The Great Storm of Galveston was the deadliest storm in U.S. history, Hurricane Katrina was the most destructive. When the infamous Category 5 storm hit Louisiana on August 29, 2005, it caused some $125 billion in damage.


Top 10 Hurricane Katrina Quotes. View the list In her second career as a minister, my mother defied a legacy of chauvinism to become a leader of our community, overseeing a church that served as a hub, offering parenting classes, a food pantry, after-school programming, and - in the wake of Hurricane Katrina - a lifeline to those ravaged by ...