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Mar 16, 2021 ... Leg Pain. When cancer of the cervix grows into the pelvic sidewall, it can press on the nerves that come from the spinal cord and go to the leg ...


What are the signs and symptoms of cervical cancer?


Fortunately the Pap test can find cervical cancer in its earliest and most curable stage, before there are any signs or symptoms. 4. A Persistent Change in Bowel or ...


discharge, or pain. What causes cervical cancer? A virus, called human ... 100,000 women ages 40–44 get cervical cancer each year. 18. 0. 2. 4. 6. 8. 10. 12. 14.


vaginal bleeding; vaginal discharge; subclinical: an abnormal cervical cancer ... [ 8] Staging[9][10] Stage is the most basic way of categorizing how far a cancer ...


Jun 28, 2020 ... A Pap smear screens for cancer and precancerous changes of the cervix. If a Pap smear finds signs of cancer, your doctor will order a colposcopy ...


The recommendations of screening for cervical cancer in the Indian scenario are discussed. ... [10,11] Less than 50% of women who develop HPV infection will show ... Symptoms gen...


Most breast cancers aren't inherited – only about 5% to 10%. ... Although I have no signs of anything abnormal, should I have a Pap test for cancer of the cervix?


Learn more about cervical cancer: symptoms, risk factors & diagnosis. Click to get cervical cancer information from the doctors at Siteman Cancer Center.


Jun 10, 2019 ... Cervical cancer symptoms. This content is reproduced from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Womenshealth.gov may ...