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USES: Vitamin D (ergocalciferol-D2, cholecalciferol-D3, alfacalcidol) is a fat-soluble vitamin that helps your body absorb calcium and phosphorus. Having the right amount of vitamin D, calcium, and phosphorus is important for building and keeping strong bones. Vitamin D is used to treat and prevent bone disorders (such as rickets, osteomalacia).


Ergocalciferol is vitamin D2. Vitamin D is important for the absorption of calcium from the stomach and for the functioning of calcium in the body.


Your doctor may prescribe vitamin D 1.25 mg soft gels for you if you have trouble absorbing calcium normally. This may occur because of medical conditions such as osteoporosis or advanced age, among others. This type of vitamin D, known also as ergocalciferol" or vitamin D2, delivered in this high ...


Pill with imprint 194 is Green, Elliptical / Oval and has been identified as Vitamin D 50,000 USP units (ergocalciferol 1.25 mg). It is supplied by Paddock Laboratories, Inc..


In adults with Fanconi syndrome, oral ergocalciferol dosages of 1.25-5 mg (and in some patients 10 mg) daily have been given along with treatment of acidosis. In children with Fanconi syndrome, oral ergocalciferol dosages of 625 mcg to 1.25 mg daily have been used. Vitamin D-Dependent Rickets


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One USP unit of vitamin D2 is equivalent to one International Unit (IU), and 1 mcg of vitamin D2 is equal to 40 USP Units. Each capsule contains Vitamin D (Ergocalciferol) 1.25 mg equivalent to 50,000 USP Units in an edible vegetable oil.


One USP Unit of vitamin D 2 is equivalent to one International Unit (IU), and 1 mcg of vitamin D 2 is equal to 40 IU. Each softgel capsule, for oral administration, contains Ergocalciferol, USP 1.25 mg (equivalent to 50,000 USP units of Vitamin D), in an edible vegetable oil.


I was given vitamin d2 50, 000 units, 1.25 mg to take weekly. I took 2 in 4 days by accident. What will happen?