Precious metal collectors can find the current market price of silver online by visiting, or Each of the sites provides up-to-date spot prices for the close of day and graphs that ma... More » Business & Finance Currency & Conversions

A one troy ounce silver trade unit is a privately minted silver piece equal in weight to approximately 1.1 ounces, the equivalent of measurement used in precious metal trade to determine the weight. A silver trade unit s... More »

The investment information company, Casey Research, gives the price of one troy ounce of gold as well as the change in price by the minute on its website. Other companies that provide the price of gold are J. M. Bullion ... More » Hobbies & Games Collecting Coins & Currency

One ounce of Krugerrand gold, melted down, is worth the current market price of gold, or $1154.90 USD as of August 22, 2015. Krugerrands are weighed based on their gold content, so a one-ounce Krugerrand is slightly heav... More » Business & Finance Currency & Conversions

As of July 22, 2015, the price of silver is $14.86 per ounce. Up to date silver spot price quotes can be found using precious metal exchange websites such as Apmex, Monex or JM Bullion. More » Business & Finance Currency & Conversions

The price of silver in U.S. dollars, as of October 2015, is approximately $15.80 per ounce, according to Silver is an extremely volatile commodities asset that is traded at a high volume in stock markets... More »

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