The amount of glasses of water in a liter depends on the size of the glass. An 8 ounce glass is equal to just under 1/4 of a liter, which means that just over four 8 ounce glasses of water is equivalent to 1 liter. More » Food Food Measurements

Using ounces as a standard unit of liquid volume for comparison, there are 8 ounces in a glass and 33.81 ounces in 1 liter. Then divide 33.81 by 8, for 4.23 glasses in 1 liter. More » Science Measurements

Eight standard glasses of water are equivalent to nearly two liters of liquid. Generally, the size of a standard glass of water is 8 ounces. A liter is 33.814 fluid ounces. More » Science Measurements
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A standard recommended serving size for a glass of water is 8 fluid ounces. Popular wisdom suggests drinking six to eight 8-ounce glasses of water daily, though according to WebMD the 48 to 64 ounces this yields is insuf... More » Food Food Measurements

The standard U.S. keg size is a half barrel and has a capacity of 15.5 gallons or 1984 ounces, which is the equivalent of 165 12-ounce glasses of beer. The standard keg measures 23 3/8 inches high by 16 1/8 inches wide a... More » Food Food Measurements

A liter of water contains 4.23 cups in the U.S. standard measurement system. In the U.K. imperial measurement system, a liter contains 3.52 cups. A metric cup contains 250 milliliters, so there are precisely 4 metric cup... More » Food Food Measurements

The size of a shot of alcohol depends on the size of the shot glass used. Shot glasses are the small glasses that measure or hold alcohol for drinking straight from the glass or pouring into a mixed drink. In the United ... More » Food Food Measurements