The diameter of a one-carat round or brilliant cut diamond typically measures between 6.4 and 6.5 millimeters. The term carat refers to weight not size, so a one-carat diamond doesn't need to conform to specific measurem... More »

The price range for 1-carat diamonds is between $3,080 and $26,950 per carat. The price of a 1-carat diamond depends on many factors and can therefore vary greatly. More »

Individual diamond prices vary and depend on the characteristics of each stone. Established in the 1940s, the grading system currently in use weighs each stone's color, clarity, cut and carat weight in determining its pr... More »

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A 2-carat diamond has a width of 8.2 mm in the round brilliant cut. However, it is important to remember that 2-carat diamonds with different cuts typically have differing size measurements. More »

"Streak" is the word used to describe the color of a diamond when it is reduced to powder form. It has nothing do do with an actual streak. More »

You can tell whether a diamond is real or fake by looking at certain details of the diamond, such as presence of imperfections, the shape of the edges and the stone’s refractivity. Other tests include the "fog test" and ... More »

Metal is usually engraved through a process involving a diamond drag engraving tool that pushes slivers of metal to each side of the tool so a simple message may be added to a piece of jewelry. Amateurs often mistake a p... More »