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Whitepages.com provides a reverse phone number lookup feature for 800 numbers in addition to most other landline numbers. Other websites, such as WhoCallsMe.com, provide listings of user-submitted numbers along with user comments about each number.


A free name look-up, or free people search, is a service provided by some websites that allows users to enter the name of a person and receive certain details about that person. These details can include a phone number and physical address associated with the person searched.


Look up a phone number online by using a free online phone directory website such as WhitePages.com or AnyWho.com. Enter the name and location related to the number being searched, and click the magnifying glass icon or the Find button.


A cell phone lookup is a service that allows users to find out who owns a particular cell phone based on the phone's number. There are several online directories that offer reverse lookup on cell numbers, as well as other methods of finding a particular cell's owner.


A person may want to use a reverse phone number lookup for several different reasons, including to identify an unknown number on a phone bill or caller ID. A reverse phone number lookup is commonly used to learn specific details associated with a given phone number.


On the Dun & Bradstreet official search tool, DandB.com, select the Search for D&B D-U-N-S Number tab from the drop-down menu, enter the company details, select the company from the search results and enter your name and email address to receive the D-U-N-S number via email at no charge. Alternative


A bar-code number look-up is done differently, depending on if you are shopping or going online to get information for a bar-code at a website. When you shop, clerks use bar-code readers or scanners to quickly transfer the price of an item and other product information to a cash register.


Social Security card holders or their representatives can look up forgotten numbers or replace lost cards by applying in person with required documents at a Social Security office. Employers or organizations needing to verify Social Security numbers can use an online verification service provided by


Use a business fax number lookup by entering the fax number with the area code in the search bar of a reverse lookup tool and clicking the Search icon. To find the fax number of a business, use search tools such as Google and Yahoo. However, fax number information is not available for all businesses


As of 2015, AT&T does not offer its own reverse number lookup service, but rather refers their customer to the service that is provided on Yellowpages.com. This advice is prefaced with a disclaimer that any information found using the service is not provided by AT&T, but by a third party.