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A love meter is a program used to calculate the compatibility between two people. There are numerous online versions, such as the ones on the sites Ezineastrology.com and Love-meter.net, which require entering the names of two people in order to determine their romantic compatibility.


A force meter is a device comprising a hook and spring that measures force. The standard international unit of force is the newton.


The distance of 5,000 meters, also called 5 kilometers, is 3.10686 miles or 16,404 feet. Meters often are used to measure distance in running competitions and ocean depth. The metric system is the standard measurement system currently used in the majority of nations, excluding the United States, Mya


There are 3.2808 feet in a meter. In the metric system, the meter is the unit of length. However, the foot is the unit of length measurement for the Imperial system.


Different buildings have different heights for each story. Typical story height is 3.9 meters for offices, 3.1 meters for hotels or residences and 3.5 meters for mixed-use buildings.


Metered mail is mail sent in bulk quantities by an institution that uses stamped or printed images from a postage meter instead of individual stamps. Metered mail is more efficient for high-volume shipments because applying metered stamps takes less time and is cheaper than applying individual posta


Swimming approximately 64 lengths in a 25-meter pool equals one mile. If one lap equals two lengths, approximately 32 repetitions in a pool of this size are needed to complete a mile.


Four hundred meters is the equivalent of about 1,312 feet. One meter equals approximately 3.28 feet, so multiplying 400 meters by 3.28 feet per meter gives the equivalent of feet. Since 5,280 feet equal 1 mile, 400 meters is only slightly less than 1/4 mile.


A smart meter is an electronic device that is installed at the consumer’s location and reports electricity use back to the utility for billing and monitoring. A smart meter may also be a device for recording natural gas or water consumption.


There are 1.09 yards, or 39.37 inches, in 1 meter. The yard is a unit of measurement typical of the U.S. customary system of measurement, while the meter is a unit of measurement from the metric system.