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Our premium wood blinds with a one inch slat are truly gorgeous. Everything you expect in a quality wood blind. Lightblocking headrail (1" high by 1 1/2" deep) ... Budget Cordless Faux Wood Blinds - Smooth $50.00. Shutter Style 2.5" Faux Wood Blinds $61.00. Aura Cordless Top Down Bottom Up Cellular Shades $39.00 Cordless Faux Wood Blinds ...


Steve's 1" custom faux wood blinds provide higher privacy and light control levels. Faux wood blinds are resistant to fading under direct sunlight and the material will not chip, crack, or warp like real wood blinds can. These easy to clean blinds are ideal for high humid areas. Special Options


Faux Wood Blinds Add Rustic Charm. Enjoy the rustic charm faux wood blinds bring to your home. There are several other reasons to consider faux wood blinds beyond the down-home quality they add to your home. If you can’t afford the investment of wood blinds, faux blinds are the right way to go for your wallet.


Cordless faux wood blinds provide cord-free lift control with a clean look and dependable stream-lined operation. These blinds block out light and prying eyes with just a tug on the bottom rail. Pull the rail again to open the blind and allow sunshine to filter through. Parents and caretakers enjoy peace of mind knowing that cordless blinds are ...


Faux wood slats come in fixed sizes (2″ & 2.5″). Depending on the height of the blind ordered, there might be an extra slat sitting on top of the bottom rail. This is a common issue for cordless faux wood blinds among all vendors.


This 2 inch wood blind is offered in a large selection of popular natural wood colors ideal for any room design. The Laredo 2 inch wood blinds can be customized with upgrades including a designer valance, trapezoid bottom bar, decorative tape and our "intimacy" feature with no pinholes in the slats.


Also known as imitation wood, faux wood blinds are the perfect choice for humid environments, harsh sunlight or high traffic rooms. Faux wood blinds provide quality, budget-friendly window solutions that are durable, affordable and just as stylish as wood blinds. Thankfully, Direct Buy Blinds offers charming custom wood blinds and faux wood ...


Save big on custom-made faux wood blinds with our deep discount prices, free shipping & samples. faux wood blinds; 9 results. filter. Sort By: Star Blinds 2" Faux Wood Blinds. $45.60 $25.08 you save 45% see 11 colors. shop now. Star Blinds 2 1/2" Faux Wood Blinds. $50.40 $27.72 you save 45% ...


Metal blinds come in ½”, 1”, and 2”, and then wood blinds are offered in 1”, 1 3/8”, 2” or 2 ½ ”. The mounting depth of your window is also a deciding factor. If you want the blind to sit flush with an inside mount, you cannot put a larger slat in the window than the available mounting depth.


Custom window coverings of lasting quality, exceptional value and timeless style. Yes, we’re mind readers.