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Faux suede is a synthetic material, and it is made from 100 percent polyester. It comes in many different colors, designs and forms, including microsuede.


Create faux paint textures using a rolling rag technique by applying a base coat, allowing it to dry, then applying the texture by applying a second coat with a bunched rag before checking your work. Faux painting requires the base coat showing through the top coat.


Faux suede can be spot cleaned by hand. Since the material is water resistant, using too much water can cause the the fabric to become discolored.


Faux brick panels at Lowe's range in cost from $27.13 to $58.09, as of August 2015. An embossed hardboard wall panel is priced at 82 cents per square foot or $25.97 for a 32-square-foot panel. At the higher end, 2.25-by-7.625-inch brick veneer pieces are priced at $58.09.


Faux marble is an attractive but cost-effective material for shower walls that are seamless and durable. Since the walls have no grout, they are more resistant to mold and mildew than tile. Faux-marble walls are low-maintenance and never require sealing like natural stone.


Clean faux-fur blankets at home in a top-loading washing machine filled with water and mild detergent. Dry cleaning is another viable method of cleaning these types of blankets.


Blinds To Go has retail stores throughout the eastern United States and Canada. The corporate office for the United States is located in Paramus, New Jersey. The support center for Canada is located in Montreal, Quebec.


People with total blindness or no light perception see nothing at all, according to Nicholas Gerbis for Live Science. Some individuals with NLP retain the ability to distinguish between light and dark using different cells in the eyes. The brain processes these signals in a different region than nor


Painters can create faux-wood finishes with a specialized wood-graining tool that's available at most home improvement or paint stores. Painters need a rocking wood-graining tool and two different but similarly hued paint colors in order to use this basic technique.


Three ways to cut a faux hawk include the standard faux hawk, the wide faux hawk or the sculpted faux hawk. The sides of a standard faux hawk are cut extremely short and blended into a long center point. A wide faux hawk is a variation of the standard cut that leaves the middle strip of hair wider w