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Clean faux wood blinds by dusting them regularly to keep them free of grime build-up. Select Blinds suggests doing a thorough cleaning using a mild detergent and water every four months, or at very least twice a year, to keep them looking their best. Because faux wood blinds are exceedingly durable,


The benefits of faux wood siding include affordability and weather resistance. This type of siding is also insect-resistant and requires less maintenance than genuine wooden siding.


Manufacturers commonly use particleboard with a faux wood grain finish in building furniture for the office or home. Over time, this finish wears through. Sanding prepares the furniture for painting to extend its life.


Some examples of faux finishes include trompe l'oeil, strie, marble, ragging and Venetian plaster. Faux finishes can be applied to many different types of surfaces to emulate various materials, such as marble and wood, for decorative purposes. With practice, beginning decorators can create each of t


Faux leather is a fabric designed to look similar to leather; however, the fabric is made of other materials. This material is used to create different products, including furniture, clothing, shoes, electronic accessories and vehicle seats. This type of fabric is also known as pleather, leatherette


Faux leather fabrics are made from several materials including polyester fabric, cotton, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), phthalic acid and even real shredded leather. There are two types of faux leather construction: polyurethane and PVC. Both types of artificial leathers are used as clothing material, up


Some good ideas for faux wall painting include sponging, ragging, color washing and strie techniques, as noted by Benjamin Moore. A few other faux painting finishes are marbleizing, rag rolling and leathering. These different decorative techniques are simple ways to replicate the look of stone, marb


Installation tips for faux stone panels include using sample pieces before deciding on a style, temporarily putting panels in place, starting with the corners first, working from left to right, and using chalk lines. Maintenance tips include power washing exterior panels once a year, washing interio


As of 2016, manufacturers of faux log siding include TJ's Wood Products, Better Than Logs, the Buffalo Lumber Company and Timbermill Simulated Cedar Siding. Some of these companies also have contractors across the United States for the installation of their products, and some also provide services f


Faux pearls are man made, or fake, pearls There are various ways to make fake pearls, including using fish scales and wax.