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And what happens when we raise zero to the zero power. Is it still 1. Watch the video or read below to find out. Click here to subscribe to Math HacksWarm-Up ExampleLet’s begin by examining ...


Discover a pattern that explains why any non-zero number to the zero power equals one. If you're seeing this message, it means we're having trouble loading external resources on our website. If you're behind a web filter, please make sure that the domains *.kastatic.org and *.kasandbox.org are unblocked.


Essentially, an exponent that is zero is equal to a variable to the power of an exponent times a variable to the negative power of the same exponent. For instance, x 2 times x-2 is equal to x 2 divided by x-2. Any number divided by itself is equal to one. Zero to the power of zero is a special case, however. Some mathematicians say that it ...


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Zero to the power of zero, denoted by 0 0, is a mathematical expression with no agreed-upon value.The most common possibilities are 1 or leaving the expression undefined, with justifications existing for each, depending on context. In algebra, combinatorics, or set theory, the generally agreed upon value is 0 0 = 1, whereas in mathematical analysis, the expression is sometimes left undefined.


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You are here: Home → Articles → Zero exponent proof Proof that (-3) 0 = 1 How to prove that a number to the zero power is one. Why is (-3) 0 = 1? How is that proved? Just like in the lesson about negative and zero exponents, you can look at the following sequence and ask what logically would come next:


Zero exponents. Zero exponent rule and examples. Zero exponents rule; Zero exponents examples; Zero exponents rule. The base b raised to the power of zero is equal to one: b 0 = 1. Zero exponents examples. Five raised to the power of zero is equal to one: 5 0 = 1. Minus five raised to the power of zero is equal to one: (-5) 0 = 1.


Now, this raises a very interesting question. What happens at 0 to the 0-th power? So here, 0 to the millionth power is going to be 0. 0 to the trillionth power is going to be 0. Even negative or fractional exponents, which we haven't talked about yet, as long as they're non-zero, this is just going to be equal to 0, kind of makes sense.