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With an Amazon Prime membership, consumers receive free two-day shipping, access to Amazon's instant videos and are able to borrow books from Amazon's Kindle library. The cost of an Amazon Prime membership varies depending on the type of membership, such as a student membership or a Prime Fresh memb


As of 2015, there are two ways that Amazon Prime offer free memberships, both of which come in the form of temporary free trials. Free trials of an Amazon Prime account are available to current Amazon customers with a valid Amazon.com line of credit or to students.


Amazon Prime is available to anyone with a valid credit card and a current Amazon account and is free for the first 30 days. Customers are not charged for the first 30 days, and after that will be upgraded to a paid membership plan.


As of 2015, Amazon Prime memberships offer free two-day shipping on eligible items, free same-day delivery in eligible ZIP codes, special discounts and access to other Amazon services. Two adults living in the same household are able to share certain Amazon Prime benefits by creating an Amazon House


To sign up for a free trial of Amazon Prime, follow the on-screen instructions that appear on the Amazon Prime service page. As of 2015, the service costs $99 per year after the free trial period.


You can end your Amazon Prime membership on Amazon.com. The website has different sections for ending an Amazon Prime free trial and ending a full membership. Have your Amazon user ID and password on hand in order to log in and end your membership.


Amazon Prime's $99 annual membership fee is a worthwhile expense for people who order from the site often or people who heavily use services like Amazon Instant Video and the Kindle Lending Library, according to Business Insider and U.S. News. Those publications found that people who place at least


Some of the benefits of an Amazon Prime membership for students include a reduced membership cost, free two-day shipping on many items, cheap textbook purchases and rentals, free Kindle book borrowing, and access to an extensive selection of music, TV shows and movies. Amazon offers its Prime servic


Students enrolled in Amazon Prime cannot share their memberships with other family members. Those with regular Amazon Prime memberships can share their membership with up to four family members or friends.


As of 2015, Amazon Prime subscriptions include free access to the Kindle Owner's Lending Library, a collection of more than 800,000 e-books that include past and present bestsellers and the entire "Harry Potter" series. Members can borrow one title per month, with no due date or hidden costs.