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To buy a used car for $500 or less, check online auto marketplaces, attend government auctions, visit auto junkyards, and inquire at used car lots. Tips for purchasing a cheap, used car include obtaining a CARFAX report, conducting a cost-benefit analysis and requesting a mechanical inspection.


As of 2015, buyers can find classified listings for vehicles priced under $500 at Cars.com and AutoTrader.com. Both websites allow users to search for vehicles priced under $1000, but many of the vehicles listed are priced under $500. Buyers can sort the listings by price to find their ideal vehicle


A person can find a car for less than $500 on Overstock.com and AutoTrader.com, as of 2015. Both sites allow users to search by location, which makes it easy to find a car in a specific area.


To find used cars for sale, consumers visit classifieds websites for cars such as Edmunds.com and Cars.com. These websites have used cars for sale from some of the leading manufacturers in the industry.


Used car parts may be bought at a junkyard or through a second-hand parts dealer. While buying from a junkyard is generally the less expensive option, the buyer needs to be at least somewhat familiar with the vehicle for which they are shopping.


Automotive parts websites, such as WellerAuto.com and AutoGator.com, sell used car engines online which can typically be purchased online and picked up at a local partner location. Auction websites, such as eBay, also sell used car engines.


Craigslist is a popular online resource for finding used cars because it allows people to post classified ads for free. Cars.com, which first launched in 1998, is the most popular website dedicated to listing both new and used cars.


Used, damaged cars exist for sale across the country at Insurance Auto Auctions Inc. locations and online at AutoWorldofAmerica.com, SalvageBid.com, ProSalvage.com and eBay.com, as of 2015. Users on IAAI.com can search for the nearest auction site or by vehicle.


Sites such as Car Gurus, Car Square and Auto List provide users with access to cars in new, used and refurbished condition and allow those users to group search results by price or price range. This lets users find cars in the condition and price range that best suits their interests.


Usually the best ways to find cars for less than $5,000 are through private sellers, independent car lots and public auctions. Private sellers, especially those referred by others, are often the best sources of good deals on reliable used cars. They are typically found through friends and family or