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Choose your KFC $5 Fill-Ups: zesty Tex-Mex, sweet n’ spicy BBQ, 3-piece tender, Famous Bowl, breast piece, pot pie, and 2-piece drum and thigh.


Get KFC’s new $5 Fill Up with all-white-meat chicken, and let the healing begin. At KFC, we’re about quality, value, and variety—which is why we’re serving up yet another $5 Fill Up option: the two-piece breast and wing $5 Fill Up, featuring a juicy, all-white-meat breast and wing.


This month, KFC offers new, limited-time $5 combos that they're calling "$5 Fill Ups." There are five meals in all and they each feature an entree, a drink, and a dessert for $5. A few of the choices also include a side and biscuit.


KFC was originally named Kentucky Fried Chicken. The chain specializes in fried chicken fast food and is headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky,USA. KFC is now the world’s second largest restaurant chain after McDonald’s with more than 18,875 outlets in 118 countries.


Kentucky Fried Chicken Menu Prices, Price List. List of prices for all items on the Kentucky Fried Chicken menu. Find out how much items cost.


View the entire KFC - Kentucky Fried Chicken menu, complete with prices, photos, & reviews of menu items like MASHED POTATO BOWL, 11. 12 Pc. Family Bucket, and 23. 10Pc. Family Meal (legs and thighs).


An 8 oz. chicken breast, mashed potatoes, biscuit, medium drink and a chocolate chip cookie for only $5. Fill Up in a variety of ways: PROMO $5 Fill Up: Crispy Colonel Sandwich, Wedges, Cookie, Medium Drink; Meal #1 $5 Fill Up: 2pc. Drumstick & Thigh, Mashed Potatoes, Biscuit, Cookie, Medium Drink; Meal #9 $5 Fill Up: 3 Extra Crispy™ Tenders, Mashed Potatoes, Biscuit, Cookie, Medium Drink ...


Details: By popular demand, Kentucky Fried Chicken & Waffles will be returning to KFC locations nationwide from March 23 through April 29, 2019, while supplies last. Kentucky Fried Chicken & Waffles pairs the Colonel’s Extra Crispy fried chicken with Belgian Liege-style waffles. Here are the options: The basket meal option, available as one-piece breast, two-piece thigh and drum or three ....


However, there are a few grilled selections on the Kentucky Fried Chicken menu that are better for your health. For example, the Grilled Chicken Breast provides just 180 calories and 6 grams of total fat. You'll also get 31 grams of metabolism-boosting protein when you choose this food. Most Popular KFC Food


$5 KFC Fill Ups. Choose from three-piece chicken tenders, the famous KFC bowl, and more to fill up your stomach for only $5. Everything comes with a cookie and a medium drink, too. Click on this KFC coupon and check out the menu!