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The "right" tattoo is a matter of personal preference. However, there are a number of factors that go into getting a tattoo that won't bring on feelings of regret later, according to KQED Arts.


As with all body modification, medical complications can result from tattooing. Tattoos are widely accepted in 21st century society, but personal opinions on them vary. Views on tattoos range from them being a form of personal expression to being a sign of delinquency.


In the majority of cases, a new tattoo can be used to cover up an existing tattoo. Carefully plan the design, size and coloring of the tattoo to ensure the original tattoo is fully covered.


There are no accredited universities or colleges as of 2014 that specialize in tattoo art. However, many schools offer tattooing classes. To become a tattoo artist, there is no degree requirement.


New tattoos are often designed to cover existing tattoos. The success depends on the size, color and location of the original tattoo design. Older, lighter and smaller tattoos are generally the easiest tattoos to camouflage with a new tattoo.


The New Testament of the Bible does not comment on whether or not believers are allowed to get tattoos. However, a passage from Leviticus 19:28 in the Old Testament states that one should avoid cutting themselves or marking the skin with tattoos, which could indicate that tattoos are sinful.


Tattoos expressing "Only God Will Judge Me," often phrased as "Only God Can Judge Me," are often written in cursive script. The words of the tattoo are often accompanied by a cross or other religious images.


A half-sleeve tattoo is a tattoo that covers half of a person's arm or leg. Half-sleeves on the arm usually extend from the shoulder to the elbow. Leg half-sleeves extend from the thigh to knee or from knee to ankle.


We asked around the Refinery29 office to find out what staffers wish they had known before getting their first tattoos.


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