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Some of the common piercing places on the body are the ears, nose, eyebrows, lips, tongue and navel, according to Love To Know Tattoos. The most popular piercing locations are the ears. Many tattoo shops and retail jewelry chains offer professional ear-piercing services as well as other types of pie


Surface piercing is when a flat area of skin is pierced as opposed to an area of skin that is convex, is concave or can be pierced through completely, like the ears or nostrils. Unlike a standard piercing that goes directly through the skin, a surface piercing uses a surface bar that follows the pla


Cute piercings may include a small sparkly stud in the nose, several small diamond studs along the edge of one ear or a tiny gold or silver hoop piercing over the edge of one eyebrow. Piercings are a personal choice and ultimately depend on the style and preference of the individual getting the pier


Stingray Body Art, Chameleon Tattoo & Body Piercing and Pino Bros Ink are three highly-rated establishments that offer industrial ear piercing in and around Boston. Stingray Body Art is located in Allston, while the latter two are in Cambridge.


Piercings subject an individual to health risks, including excessive bleeding, nerve damage, keloid tissue development and skin infections, according to the California State University at Long Beach Health Resource Center. Equipment contaminated by blood that contains pathogens for tetanus, HIV, or


A tragus piercing is a piercing on the small flap of cartilage in the ear that extends out in front of the ear canal and is located above the ear lobe. This piercing is typically not very painful due to a lack of nerves but is likely to bleed.


An anti-tragus piercing involves perforating the cartilage on the outside of the ear, slightly further up from the ear lobe, to insert jewelry. It is called an anti-tragus because the piercing itself is located opposite the cartilage covering the ear canal known as the tragus.


According to Statistic Brain, as of 2014, 83 percent of Americans have their earlobes pierced, but only 14 percent of Americans have a piercing somewhere other than the earlobe. Because 72 percent of those with any body piercings are women, the majority of those with pierced ears are also women.


A nose piercing hurts more when compared to other body piercings, including ear piercings. A nose piercing involves inserting a sterile needle through a nostril or through the septum, both of which are made of cartilage.


A bottom lip piercing is a body piercing for jewelry through or around the bottom lip. Some of these piercings include the standard lip piercing, the labret, the vertical labret and a bite. Several styles of jewelry can be worn with a bottom lip piercing, including labret studs and captive bead ring