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Here is a list of some of our $20 basic piercings. EYEBROW $20 NOSE $20, TONGUE $20, LIP $20, BELLYBUTTON $20, And some parts of the Ear $20. Other piercings start at $25 each, Nipples $25 each, daith $25 each, tragus $25 each, septum $25, industrial $25 each, snake eyes $25, and many more. Dermals starting off low as $35 each.


Welcome to Tattoo Cafe'! Minutes from downtown Cleveland Tattoo Cafe is like no other tattoo studio around. The studio is set in the old Last Chance saloon at 2141 Broadview Rd. in the cities Old Brooklyn neighborhood. Keeping the large 40' island bar installing some Starbucks Espresso machines coffee grinders as well as a full…


~ Body Piercing & Jewelry ~ House of Ink offers professional body piercing including ears, nose, navel, tongue and more! All piercing customers must be at least 16 years old with parental consent, and must show a copy of their birth certificate or a valid photo ID. Piercing appointments require a $20.00 deposit.


Piercing Price; Body Piercing w/ college ID: $30: Body Piercing: $40+ Dermal: $60: Exotic: $60: Dermal Removal: $20: Piercing Jewelry: Included! *All Minors 16+ Call Ahead For More Information* Phone (989) 778-1919: Facebook: Hourglass Piercing Studio: Instagram @HourglassPiercingStudio: Address: 311 E Midland St, Bay City, MI 48706


body piercings. tatt2away. tattoo removal. permanent cosmetics. tooth gems. information. freqently asked questions. aftercare instructions. online stores new! columbus. fremont. omaha . it has always been our goal to create a safe and healthy environment for our clients and our staff. this is more important now than ever!


Additional Services and Piercings* Item Service Fee Jewelry Aftercare; Earlobe (Gun) Free: $12 and up: $9.48: Medusa: $60: $17.99-$44.98: $15.47: Septum: $60: $15.99-$21.99


PIERCING PRICES Nose-$5 Eyebrow-$5 Tongue-$5 Belly-$5 Septum-$10 Smiley-$20 Snake Eyes-$20 Dermals-$25 Surface-$20 Bridge-$20 Dimples-$120 . LIP PIERCING PRICES Monroe-$5 Labret-$5 Snake Bites-$10 Spider Bites-$10 Medusa-$10 Ashley-$20 . EAR PIERCING PRICES Rook-$10 Daith-$10 Tragus-$10


$20 Downsize Fee (Covers Cost of Jewelry & Insertion) Navel. Navel: 14g CRV - $65ea w/ single gem - $80. double gem - $85. Prong - $110. Navel: 14g CBR - $50ea - w/ gem - $70 . Surface Piercings. Surface Piercings: 14g SBB - $75ea - x2 Piercings - $120. w/ gem ends - $95ea - x2 Piercings - $160 . Surface Anchors




$5 Promotion Information During any $5 piercing promotions that are randomly conducted, ALL customers will be entitled to a service fee of ONLY $5 for any Standard piercing. WHAT A DEAL! Jewellery and aftercare products are priced additionally to the service fee and relate only to our Standard piercing listings ONLY