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A wrist piercing is a surface piercing, typically done with a surface bar, on the inside of the forearm close to the wrist. A wrist piercing may be done slightly below the actual wrist to minimize movement and the chance of rejection.


Lip piercings do hurt, but many find that their lip piercings hurt a lot less than they expected. Once the piercer has clamped the lip, he swiftly pierces the lip, causing a short, sharp sensation that is followed by the insertion of the jewelry.


Pacific Body Jewelry and Piercing states that new tongue piercings should be cleaned once in the morning and once at night, as well as after anything besides water is ingested for at least seven days after the initial piercing. At the same time, the ball should be checked to make sure that it's firm


Belly button piercing hurts, but relative to other body parts, this pain is somewhat average. Piercing the navel hurts more than some areas, such as the tongue or the eyebrow, but less than others, such as the nostril or the lip.


The disadvantages to body piercings are social perceptions and possible health complications. The social perceptions of body piercings are dependent on the region or people involved, but they can potentially influence getting hired at a job, finding someone to date or possibly just how people respon


A tragus piercing is dangerous if it is not performed or cared for properly, according to Prime Health Channel. If done properly, a tragus piercing is a safe procedure.


A cartilage piercing is removed by removing the captive bead. The captive bead is one of the most popular jewelry designs used in cartilage piercings for its easy and convenient removal.


A Prince Albert piercing is a piercing through the glans and out the urethra of the penis. A Prince Albert piercing typically involves a ring as opposed to a bar.


The 14th president of the United States and the only New Hampshire resident to serve in the position, Franklin Pierce is known by many as one of the nation's worst presidents owing to his having made a number of highly divisive decisions during his presidency. Historians consider his biggest failure


Hood-piercing jewelry is body jewelry designed especially for being worn inside a hood piercing, a type of genital modification of the clitoral hood. Hood piercings generally use rings or curved barbell-type jewelry, as long dangling jewelry or plugs would be irritating to the genitals and potential