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A 1934 $500 bill can be worth anywhere from face value up to $1,800 or more, while a rarer 1928 bill could be worth upwards of $16,000 in pristine condition. Special markings, condition and serial numbers all affect the value of the bill.


To make place value charts for students, teachers should divide a piece of paper into columns based on how many places they are teaching. For a lesson involving the ones, tens and hundreds places, the paper would have three columns.


Charts listing the values of collectible coins are available at of CoinStudy.com, PCGS.com and CoinTrackers.com. Sites such as Coinflation.com provide charts for the melt value of silver of different vintages of coins.


An elementary school-level place value chart typically features a grid with each place labeled according to the value it represents. This grid helps children grasp the relationships between the different digits in numbers by adding them. Charts can be colored to make th...


An insulation R-value chart refers to a table that lists the levels of insulation recommended for different climates and for different areas in the home, according to Energy Star. Some R-value tables detail the specific R-values and other properties of different insulat...


A State Quarters value chart provides the latest value of quarters from each state. Coin values depend on the availability of the coins, mint marks, special state events and dates of manufacture.


CoinStudy has current numismatic values for all U.S. coins. Professional Coin Grading Services has its own price list that includes U.S. commemorative coins. In addition, the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation has a searchable catalog for foreign coins with price figures a...