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To find good homes priced under $100K, use real estate information websites such as Zillow.com, Trulia.com or Realtor.com and sort prices according to "cheapest first" or "low to high" so that the cheapest homes are the ones that appear on the first results page, recommends BiggerPockets.com.


The "K" in "100K" can stand for a few things; it could mean kilometers, indicating a 100 kilometer foot race, commonly called an ultra-marathon. Alternately, it could simply refer to the prefix "kilo," meaning one thousand. This means that "100K" stands for 100,000.


Types of jobs that require a two-year degree include registered nurse, nuclear technician, radiation therapist and funeral service director. These are also some of the highest paying jobs requiring an associate’s degree.


Jobs available to those with a business degree often include: marketing copywriter, general manager, accountant, economist, business analyst, auditor and information technology manager. There are a wide variety of opportunities related to having a degree in business, depending on one's particular ar


Some high salary jobs a person can get without a degree include a purchasing agent, commercial pilot or transportation manager. Other jobs include working as a carpenter or claims adjuster.


Jobs that require two-year degrees include nursing, dental hygiene and paralegal work. Occupations that require four-year degrees include personal finance advising, with a degree in accounting, or mechanical engineering, with a possible degree in applied physics or engineering.


How to Get a Job With a Statistics Degree. In a digital era marked by such trends as big data, a statistics degree can be the ticket to a rewarding career in a wide range of industries. Forbes magazine called statistics one of the most valuable college majors. However, people with statistics degrees


How to Get a Job With a Sociology Degree. Now that you’ve completed college and earned your sociology degree you face the challenge of finding a job that will put your education to good use. Sociology degree programs are aimed at teaching students to view the world from multiple social perspectives.


Companies such as Shopify, Chase, Amazon, Walmart, and AT&T have robust education programs that ensure curricula evolve as fast as the changing job demands. An award-winning team of journalists, designers, and videographers who tell brand stories through Fast Company's distinctive lens What’s next f


How to Use an Associate Degree for Any Job. When you are poring through job postings, you may have hit the associate's degree required roadblock a time or two. Admittedly, it's just not possible to get certain jobs without an associate's degree; becoming a licensed attorney or medical doctor, for ex