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According to Statistic Brain, as of 2014, 83 percent of Americans have their earlobes pierced, but only 14 percent of Americans have a piercing somewhere other than the earlobe. Because 72 percent of those with any body piercings are women, the majority of those with pierced ears are also women.


Amanda Haddaway of CareerRealism.com explains that some people are against tattoos and piercings, especially visible ones, because they believe body modification implies irresponsibility. She further explains that some hiring managers discriminate against potential employees with tattoos and piercin


A nose piercing hurts more when compared to other body piercings, including ear piercings. A nose piercing involves inserting a sterile needle through a nostril or through the septum, both of which are made of cartilage.


A bottom lip piercing is a body piercing for jewelry through or around the bottom lip. Some of these piercings include the standard lip piercing, the labret, the vertical labret and a bite. Several styles of jewelry can be worn with a bottom lip piercing, including labret studs and captive bead ring


Side effects of nose piercing may include infections, perichondritis and the formation of a septal hematoma, according to the American Academy of Family Physicians. Additionally, nose piercings can fall out easily and the person with the piercing may be at risk of swallowing or choking on it.


A wrist piercing is a surface piercing, typically done with a surface bar, on the inside of the forearm close to the wrist. A wrist piercing may be done slightly below the actual wrist to minimize movement and the chance of rejection.


It is important to take good care of pierced cheeks to avoid an infection. Signs of infection are redness around the piercing, face swelling and pus-filled abscesses with a foul odor. Failing to clean the perforation properly is a major cause of infection. At the first sign of an infection, seek imm


Lip piercings do hurt, but many find that their lip piercings hurt a lot less than they expected. Once the piercer has clamped the lip, he swiftly pierces the lip, causing a short, sharp sensation that is followed by the insertion of the jewelry.


Pacific Body Jewelry and Piercing states that new tongue piercings should be cleaned once in the morning and once at night, as well as after anything besides water is ingested for at least seven days after the initial piercing. At the same time, the ball should be checked to make sure that it's firm


Belly button piercing hurts, but relative to other body parts, this pain is somewhat average. Piercing the navel hurts more than some areas, such as the tongue or the eyebrow, but less than others, such as the nostril or the lip.